There are a total of 13 achievements related to the Farlanders mod.

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There are 8 achievements related to the Classic Enderman:

  • This is the End: Slay a Classic Enderman;
  • Alternative Ending: The Classic Enderman dropped an End Portal Frame!;
  • Cleaning the Dust: Slay a Classic Enderman holding Dirt or Sand;
  • Iron Maiden: Slay a Classic Enderman holding Iron;
  • Gold Digger: Slay a Classic Enderman holding Gold;
  • What the Hell?: Slay a Classic Enderman holding Netherrack or Soul Sand, while it's on fire.
  • Rock Bottom: Slay a Classic Enderman holding Obsidian, while it's on fire;
  • DIAMONDS! Oh, wait...: Slay a Classic Enderman holding Diamond.

On the v0.7b update the next two achievements were added:

  • Abra Kadabra: The Mystic Enderman dropped a Mystic Wand!
  • It's Cutting Edge!: Craft a Nightfall Sword.

On the v1.1a update three new achievements were added:

  • Leader of the Minions: Tame a Enderminion.
  • Wands of Destruction: Buy a Mystic Wand from a Mystic Enderminion.
  • Among Endermen: Equip all the pieces of the Nightfall Armor.
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