• Type: Hostile

    Ender Golem

  • Biomes: Farlander House
  • Dimensions: Overworld
  • Time: Day, Night
The Ender Golem spawns near every Farlander house and like the Farlanders they have different eye colors.
2013-05-25 16.45.58

Two Ender Golems ignoring the player


They attack ZombiesLootersRebel Farlanders, Wanderers , Iron Golems and the player. If the player wants to avoid a fight with the Ender Golem, simply wear a pumpkin and the Ender Golem won't attack. 

Drop loot


This mob was based on a monster named Ender Colossus from a video on youtube.

Ender-Colossus (Minecraft Machinima)

Ender-Colossus (Minecraft Machinima)

Ender Colossus