The Endonotus is a Floating Creature, completly made out of Endumium, with cannon arms, no legs and Endumium is surrounding it. This one can fly too.

They spawn above Farlander Structures for 24% chance, Houses from the Farlander Village have a 40% chance to be guarded by one of those and Farlander Blacksmiths will always have one.

This mob is melle and ranged, it slaps with the cannon arms, that deal 18 damage to everything, that is too close (except Farlanders or Ender Guardians), it can also shoot big Endumium Crystals at it's enemy, dealing 4 damage (Per Crystal). The Endonotus has 120 health and turns into Ender Guardians on death. Attacks: Sheep, Zombies, Wanderers, Looters, Rebel Farlanders, Players, Iron Golems, Wolves and Enderminions. Drops Endumium.

Note: This is a concept boss.