• Type: Hostile
    2013-08-25 06.10.54

    Fanmade Enderman

  • Biomes: All
  • Dimensions: Overworld
  • Time: Night

The Fanmade Enderman is a new type of Enderman that will bring the fear element to the game. 



Before and after encountering a group of Fanmade Endermen

The Fanmade Enderman has the ability to teleport but he's unable to wander around so he'll stay in the same place until the player looks away. When the player is on his back the Fanmade Enderman teleports closer to the player position. The player is only attacked by the Fanmade Enderman if he's running with his back turned to him. During daytime the Fanmade Enderman teleports away, making it extremely hard to get close enough to kill him.

Drop loot


Minecraft 1

Minecraft 1.8 Enderman Fanmade

The Fanmade Enderman behavior and name were based on the Enderman present in this video

The Fanmade Enderman was based on luigi700andmario700 sugestion.