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21/07/14: Version 1.2b for Minecraft 1.7.2 / 1.7.10 - Download


The Far Lands were the place where the Farlander species used to live but for a unknown reason these lands disappeared. Ancient books refer to this incident as the "work of God". Some say that this "God" created his own realm and moved what was the Far Lands to there. Also, this "God" is described as a colossal being with large horns and limbs. 

Centuries have passed since the disappearance of the Far Lands and the Farlanders had to adapt. They stopped praising what they once considered their "God" and started their own path. Eventually they reached the lands of the Overworld and from that point the Farlanders started to evolve. New species were born, among them was the Enderman, the Ender Golem and the Enderminion.

The Farlanders realized that to survive they needed protection from the other species so they began to create their own shelters. They began to build small huts but after discovering new materials they expanded and villages were created.

The evolution continued and with the discovery of Endumium Crystal they started to trade goods with each other. It wasn't long until the start of the Rebellion era. Seeking to have more power the Farlanders began to rebel against each other. Those that had rebelled against their own kind were banished from their villages and were called Rebel Farlanders.

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