• Type: Hostile


  • Biomes: All
  • Dimensions: Overworld
  • Time: Night

The Looters are really similar to the Farlanders but they are not quite as peaceful. The player can distinguish them from a Farlander because they don't emit particles (unless they are carrying a sword). The reason behind his name is the simple fact that when the player fights a Looter, the Looter tends to steal the player's weapon (sword) to use it against him!


They attack Farlanders , Elder Farlanders and the player. They run away from Ender GolemsTitans  and Iron Golems . When a Looter steals a sword, he will start to emit particles (similar to a Farlander) and will open his mouth. His attack strength and defense will also increase depending on the sword. They can open doors, the player must be aware (configurable)!

Drop loot

  • If the Looter is carrying a sword, he'll drop that sword.