• Type: Neutral

    Mystic Enderman

  • Biomes: All
  • Dimensions: Overworld
  • Time: Night

The Mystic Enderman is a special type among the Enderman species. He's a versatile mob and has different types of attacks to approach the player.


The Mystic Enderman has six type of powers:

  • Blindness

The player gets blinded for a short period of time allowing more mobs and the Mystic Enderman to attack easily.

  • Nausea

The player gets a nausea effect for a small period of time making it hard to hit the target.

  • Falling trap

Blocks of sand and gravel will appear in the sky and fall on top of the player. If the player doesn't dodge, he'll get trapped and will start to asphyxiate and eventually die.

  • Weakness

The player will become weaker and slow for a small period of time making it hard to run from mobs.

  • Regeneration

The Mystic Enderman sometimes heals himself. When he does, particles and a thunder-like noise will show up.

  • Ore trap

A random ore will spawn near the player. In the same place that the ore spawns is an invisible explosive that will detonate 10 seconds after the ore had spawned. In that space of time the player can choose either to harvest the ore or to simply ignore it and step away from it. Beware, even if the player succeeds to harvest the ore the explosion will still occur unless the Mystic Enderman dies in that time span.

During daytime the Mystic Enderman teleports away, making it extremely hard to get close enough to kill him.

Drop loot

  • Mystic Wand - Invisibility Gem;
  • Mystic Wand - Regeneration Gem;
  • Mystic Wand - Ore Gem;
  • Mystic Wand - Teleportation Gem;