• Type: Neutral
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    A wild Mystic Endermion

  • Biomes: All
  • Dimensions: Overworld
  • Time: Day

The Mystic Enderminion is a special kind of Enderminion. In order to tame one the player must use an apple . The difference between the Mystic Enderminion and the Enderminion is that the the Mystic Enderminion shoots fireballs instead of using swords and can trade items.


Once tamed the Mystic Enderminion will start to emit particles, red wrists will appear and the mouth will open.

  • To check his health right-click on him with paper.
  • To make him stay or follow right-click on him with empty hands.
  • To regenerate his health feed him with apples.
  • If the player feeds a Mystic Enderminion with a golden apple the Mystic Enderminion will get a boost in health, protection, resistance and speed for a 1 minute.
  • The player can also trade with the Mystic Enderminion in order to obtain two types of the Mystic Wand. To trade with him the player must offer ores or smelted ores:
    • To obtain the Mystic Wand - Small Fireball Gem the player must offer 5 iron or gold ingots.
    • To obtain the Mystic Wand - Large Fireball Gem the player must offer 5 emeralds, rubies or diamonds.
    • The offerings can be mixed up; for example, if the player gives 3 emeralds and 2 rubies the Mystic Enderminion will still give the Mystic Wand - Large Fireball Gem.

Drop lootEdit

  • None.