Farlander Houses

There are five kinds of houses, two of them containing a chest with some surprises. These houses spawn in grass and sand areas (compatible with biome generating mods such as ExtrabiomesXL , Biomes O' Plenty or Highlands ). The player can find Farlanders, Elder Farlanders, Ender Golems and, rarely, Titans  in these houses.

Farlander Villages

There's also a new type of village, similar to the one of the Villagers but smaller. In there the player can find Farlanders, Elder Farlanders and Ender Guardians . Treasure chests can be found on the Blacksmith, Well and in 2 of the 5 smaller huts (in the smaller huts the chests don't always spawn). The Farlander Villages also spawn in grass and sand areas. A fully spawned village contains:

  • Well;
  • 5 small huts;
  • 2 big houses;
  • Blacksmith;
  • Church;
  • Library;
  • Farm.

If the terrain around the village is somehow flat, the probability of spawning all the structures is increased.

Obsidian Towers

The Obsidian Towers that spawn in the End also spawn in the Overworld . The player can always find two treasure chests inside of each tower (time to dig!). On the top of each Obsidian Tower there's a Ender Golem or a Titan protecting the chest.